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Artextension is a new born brand active in the wide domain of art offering a range of services addressed both to private art collectors as well as to commercial and professional entities interested in involving art in their daily life. Artextension services will help you in setting a special art environment in your private and/or professional environment giving a final touch to the interior decor of your offices, studio or private residences. Artextension offers temporary or permanent solutions in case of public events, openings, special occasions you may need to organize within your corporate company or private life by providing you with a tailored-made selection of pieces of art, art performances, or with a simple consultancy. Supported by the art gallery research activity of Artespressione and by Dare Studio communication expertise, Artextension may be the right service provider you were looking for.


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> Upon request from the Artist, we can help organizing and following the organization of personal or collective exhibitions or events in external locations.

> We can consider the Artist in Artextension network of Collectors and Professionals for private or public fittings/events/exhibitions (solo or group).


> We can help in organizing recurrent or one-off corporate events while creating an artistic setting in professional studios and commercial locations.

> Through Art/Marketing&Communication proposals we can create a special environment including site-specific and ad-hoc art performances.

> We can provide permanent or temporary fittings for specific public spaces or professional studios through renting or selling agreements of Artespressione/Artextension Artists.


> We can perform tailored-made fittings of private collections in private residences.

> We can perform tailored-made fittings in private residences offering works of Artespressione/ Artextension Artists.

> We can provide you with an advisory service for artistic settings in case of renewal of different living spaces/ new houses /residences.

> We can help building a private art collection archive.


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In this website you can see some of the locations, artists and clients we worked with, creating a perfect harmony between artworks, ambients and spaces, professionals and business activity. Every single project we setting up is the concentrate of our capabilities and professional skills, from the business office to the administration bureau, from historical buildings and cultural heritage places to the contemporary connections and shared spaces.

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